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This is an amazing game! This must have been really hard to code lol. I only reached level 4 xD
Those people that are saying it's not fun don't even know what fun is. This is really fun. A thing you should do is maybe add different gamemodes :p Here's a couple of ideas:

1. Time Trial (See how far you can get in a specified time)
2. Hunt (Must collect a certain amount of objects before you can move on to the next level
3. Colourful (Have a specified amount of paint to put everywhere before you can move on to the next level (This one is a bad idea lol but just an idea so you see what I mean))

Stuff like that, and this version you've done can be the original.
You obviously don't have to do this but I think it would be a really good idea and would make more of a variety and make it more enjoyable :)

5 Stars!

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JmPrsh153 responds:

Those are some awesome ideas :D... we are trying to fix the leaderboards and medal issue at the moment BUT once thats done we will look into different game modes :)

Time trial is possible as we can set it to be as distanced based? so say we have 3 minutes for example... you will be judged based on your distance reached in that 3 minute period.

Hunt is an interesting one as we could have something chase the player and you have to be quick and move about the environment

Colourful... this is interesting BUT it will be hard to judge how much of the environment is covered simple by the way we have the splats set up :/... but we can look into it :D

Thanks for the suggestions :D